Fodder Is The Answer

Fodder is a term used to describe sprouted grains (usually barley) that form a dense root mat complimented with a lush green leaf.

The history of fodder goes back centuries to when African farmers discovered the benefits of feeding it to their cattle. Their methods were crude but were passed on through the generations. Technology did not then exist to grow on a large scale so usage was limited.

Fast forward to 2006 when a small Australian company developed a containerised system with lighting,  automatic watering and a basic computer allowing larger quantities to be grown.

Since this time several companies have copied the technology (illegally in most cases) however in the past few years technology has significantly advanced and Fodder Group is at the forefront.

Here are just a few of the benefits of feeding fodder to livestock;

  • Fodder is over 90% digestible so you get maximum 'bang for your buck'
  • Fodder is the most nutritious feed source available for livestock
  • Fodder is inexpensive to grow
  • Each pound of grain becomes 5 pounds of fodder in 4 days
  • Fodder contains high amounts of protein, starch, vitamins and minerals
  • Fodder is grown using no chemicals and is totally natural
  • Fodder is classified as grass fed in most countries
  • Fodder drought proofs farms providing year round feed regardless of weather conditions
  • Feeding fodder to cattle significantly reduces methane outputs over gain and grass fed regimes
  • Fodder costs 5c a pound to produce which is $100 per US ton - think about that next time you order expensive hay or grain and, the animal can actually digest it!

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