Our Story

Fodder Group Inc

Fodder Group Inc is a US based expert in hydroponic fodder systems for feeding sprouted barley and other grains.

We have recruited the best people from around the world to ensure that fodder is elevated to the status it so richly deserves.

We are globally disrupting grain feeding regimes which are now scientifically proven to be unhealthy for the welfare of the animals and consumers.



Drawing on over a decade of experience within the industry, Fodder Group has developed a range of solutions to assist ranchers in the day to day feeding requirements for all types of grass eating livestock.

Fodder Group is across every facet of the industry from grain selection to system development and even off-take agreements. 


Our Systems

Our systems are totally unique in the marketplace and our approach is based on science rather than heresay. Fodder Group manufactures systems in the US, employing US citizens and using US manufactured and sourced materials.

We develop patented systems the competitors don't have access to that save our clients time and money.


Our Staff

Our staff are well trained and knowledgeable, ready, willing and able to work with you ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

Nobody knows more about growing fodder than we do and our ongoing research and development will ensure this continues well into the future.


"Why don't all ranchers feed this way?"

Our most asked question over the past decade.