World's First

4 Day Growing Cycle

After years of research and development, Fodder Group is delighted to announce the launch of the World's first 4 day grow cycle systems. This increases the carrying capacity of our transportable and on site systems providing a huge increase in traditional yield.  

Almost all fodder systems sold in the US today have trays that push through from one end to the other. This is outdated technology copied by unauthorized companies and is labor intensive.

Our systems are also unique in that we use a patented method of fixed trays for growing and feeding out, saving hours in labor each day. 

Each system is made from the highest quality materials including insulated fibreglass walls, powder coated racking and trays, waterproof LED grow lights, high end water pump and plumbing, and an advanced computer command center. 

All systems are provided with installation, a comprehensive operation manual, full training, ongoing back up and support, manufactures warranty on critical components and a 5 year warranty on the structure. They are made to last for 15-20 years (and longer) so that your system is still going strong for the next generation of ranchers. 

Our systems are designed to plug and play, simply connect the power and water then hit start, it's that simple!



The secret to growing perfect fodder every time is to control the air conditions precisely, 24 hours a day.

After years of research & development, Fodder Group is proud to announce the release of our new IGroTec Integrated Air & Management System. IGroTec is a revolutionary system that controls everything that happens within the system including;

  • Sequencing of the grow lights to induce maximum fodder growth
  • Runs the watering system to deliver the right amount of water at the correct intervals
  • Regulates the temperature between two set points regardless of outside weather conditions
  • Controls the relative humidity to a precise point and quickly balances the system after each watering cycle
  • Treats every molecule of air to ensure problems such as mold and bacteria cannot proliferate
  • Best of all, the system uses the latest technology including variable speed motors and other advanced methods to ensure running costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

The result is perfect fodder, 365 days a year regardless of outside climactic conditions. The latest images of fodder grown from our systems with IGroTec speak for themselves; it is simply the best fodder ever seen in the industry. IGroTec works not only in our transportable systems but also within our larger, onsite builds.

Don't settle for anything less than IGroTec, exclusive to Fodder Group.


iGrowTec Technology


FG20 Transportable System Specs



Seamless highest quality


84 fixed

End feed out design, 42 each end


21 trays per day

Produces 1470 lbs of fresh fodder each day


22’ 5” L x 102” W x 104” H

Not including the climate control on roof

Climate System

Computer controlled

Commercial split system

Computer System

Multi output

Controls lights, water, air and extraction (coming soon)


Custom LED grow lights

Red & blue configuration to maximise yield


Custom water delivery

Delivered at set intervals

Growth Cycle

4 days

1:5 grain to fodder ratio with good quality grain

Grain Requirements

300 lbs

14.3 lbs per tray

System Warranty

5 year construction

On the structure, walls & frame

Parts Warranty

1 year components

On pumps, air, computer system etc


Made in the USA

Employing American citizens

FG20 Feeding Capacity

AnimalDaily Feed Required lbsAnimals Fed
Beef Cattle4433
Dairy Cattle Jersey4433
Dairy Cattle Holstein5526
Stud Bulls 5526
Small Horse/Pony 12122
Heavy & Large  Horses (+ 17 hands)4433
Equestrian Horses4037
Thoroughbred Horses5228
Sows in Season1598
Dairy Goat7210

On-Site Systems: Daily Production

System Production (daily) lbs Production (daily) kg
FG2400 5200 2400
FG3600 7,900 3600
FG4800 10,500 4800
FG6000 13,000 6000

On-Site Systems Size: Imperial

System Length ft Width ft Height ft
FG2400 43' 3.68" 25' 7 " 12'
FG3600 59' 0.66" 25' 7 " 12'
FG4800 76' 9.29" 25' 7 " 12'
FG6000 94' 5.85"  25' 7 " 12'

On-Site Systems Size: Metric

System Length m Width m Height m
FG2400 13.2 7.8 3.65
FG3600 18 7.8 3.65
FG4800 23.4 7.8 3.65
FG6000 28.8 7.8 3.65

FG20 Feeding Capacity

Animal  Daily Feed lbs FG2400 FG3600 FG4800 FG6000
Beef Cattle 44 118 180 239 295
Dairy Cattle Jersey 44 118 180 239 295
Dairy Cattle Holstein 55 95 144 191 236
Breeders 22 236 359 477 591
Stud Bulls  55 95 144 191 236
Small Horse/Pony  12 433 658 875 1083
Large  Horses (+ 17 hands) 44 118 180 239 295
Working Horses 32 163 247 328 406
Thoroughbred Horses 52 100 152 202 250
Sheep 4.5 1156 1756 2333 2889
Pigs 9 578 878 1167 1444
Sows in Season 15 347 527 700 867
Chickens 0.5 10400 15800 21000 26000
Ducks 0.5 10400 15800 21000 26000
Turkey 1 5200 7900 10500 13000
Goats 4.5 1156 1756 2333 2889
Dairy Goat 7 743 1129 1500 1857