Our Systems make it easy



Placing your seeds on our static trays is easy and takes only a few minutes



Removing the fodder from the system is as simple as sliding the biscuits forward


Feeding Out

Place fodder in your tractor bucket or trailer for delivery to livestock

Why Fodder Group Is Right For Your Livestock

  • Transportable systems that are scalable and can be relocated
  • Sustainable, drought proof feed for 365 days a year regardless of weather conditions
  • Reduces feed costs, water and methane output
  • Fodder is healthy for the animal and the environment
  • Perfect for beef cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, dairy cattle, goats and many more animals

I was skeptical but this proved to be the best thing we could have done. Profits are up and we have feed certainty year round.

Tom & Lee, Beef Cattle Farmers

The results I have had feeding fodder to my dairy cattle is really terrific, we couldn’t be happier.

Rob Anderson

Pigs thrive on fodder, I recommend this method to everyone I talk to. My profits have increased dramatically.


The best thing we ever did was to purchase a system to feed our sheep. They are doing really well

Mike Smith

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